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Indiana Singers

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There will be many Indiana singers in the final stages this fall of "The Voice." These performers are likely to gain new fans and become the finalists. AmeriKKKen's Allison Victoria, Kenny Edmonds' Kenny Babyface, Joshua Bell, among others, are just a few of them. But who's the best Indiana singer? Continue reading to find out! Remember to vote for your favorite!


In Indianapolis, the prodigy ameriKKKen is a force to reckon with. Her name is a play upon knowledge and kindness, two essential ingredients to her art. She is only twenty one years old and already has shows in Indiana. Her music is also attracting national attention. Her achievements include a release of an EP, as well as her music being available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Allison Victoria

Allison Victoria, singers from Indianapolis, has been making a splash in the musical scene. This versatile artist has a diverse background as a singer, songwriter, emcee, and musician. Her sound is eclectic, ranging from soul to RnB to folk and jazz. Allison, originally from Fort Wayne was introduced to music in 2016 by a local open mic. The group is known to be eclectic and have a mission to spread love through songs.

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Kenny Edmonds "Babyface", Kenny

Kenny Edwards ("Babyface") is a hip-hop artist from Indiana. He has collaborated with Gladys Knight and Celine Dion, as well as Mariah Carey and Gladys Knight. He has produced songs for Lil Wayne as well as his own music. Babyface co-wrote "Pray for Me" in 1997 with Anthony Hamilton. Babyface, Tracey, and his album Love, Marriage, and Divorce, were also released. The couple were married in 1992 and had two children.

Joshua Bell

Josh Bell is one of the best-known classical singers in the world today. He's been part of many recordings and has appeared in many publications, such as a BBC Omnibus documentary. In 2000, Indiana Historical Society declared him an Indiana Living Legend. He is the child of a Jewish and Scottish psychologist. Bell was raised in the Midwestern hills. He attended public schools and played sport, winning the state tennis championship age 10.

Cole Woodruff

Cole Woodruff is an Indiana singer who you should hear if you want to experience true Americana Folk music. His music is full with powerful lyrics, masterful storytelling, strong vocal presence, and poignant lyrics. It is music that brings hope to the world and speaks to a sad world. Cole Woodruff's songs are inspiring and uplifting.

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Indiana Singers