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Dress codes for Ascot Royal Meeting

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The royal event known as the Ascot Royal Meeting is a horse race that attracts thousands of people every year. The Queen has attended every single Ascot royal meeting in the past seven decades, and she is frequently seen entering her own horses. While you are at Ascot, there are certain dress codes that you need to follow. Here are some ways to dress up and look your best. Don't wear anything that says "I'm a princess!"

Ascot is a horse race

If you are a horse racing fan, you have probably heard of the Royal Ascot, a fancy-sounding race meet held annually in June. This racecourse hosts the prestigious horse racing races. The races take around a day and start at 2:30 pm. To keep up with royal news, join the Royal Insider facebook group.

It is a royal event

The Royal Ascot horse racing has been an annual tradition for the British royals. The five-day event was a highlight in the British summer social calendar. This event showcases the best racehorses in the world and features the latest fashions. The event takes place in Ascot, East Berkshire. It is located about an hour west London. Although the racing is not for the feint of heart, it's a royal event.

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It is a social affair

The Royal Ascot meeting occurs in July. The racecourse's rich tradition and generous prize money are well-known. It marks the beginning the summer social calendar and attracts members of high society from all parts of the world. The Ascot track hosts the Queen Elizabeth Stakes (King George VI) and King George VI Stakes (Queen Elizabeth Stakes). The racecourse has a unique social atmosphere. It has become a symbol representing traditional British society.

It has a dress standard

Ascot's dress code and that of the Henley Regatta has changed over the years. Rupert Wesson (debatt's academy director), a leading authority in British etiquette, stated that men could wear trousers suits in the 1970s while women could wear jumpsuits today. Ascot Racecourse welcomes fashion to its experience. Ascot Racecourse is open to changing dress codes according to current trends.

It is a tradition

Many people mistakenly think that racegoers wear suits and dresses to see the races. But the actual dress code is different from year to year. The royal estate's style guide, which was published in 2012, specifies certain expectations, including a black tie. In addition, guests are required to adhere to the dress code for the Queen Anne Enclosure and the Royal Stand. These events have additional rules.

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It is a fashion event

Ascot's annual horse racing event is one of fashion's most fashionable events. The Queen made an appearance in a fuchsia flower-printed pale blue coat. Charlotte Hawkins was also a notable attendee, who wore an aqua-blue wide-leg jumpsuit. While the Royal family opted for a traditional look, there are many ways to look chic at Ascot. These tips will help you look chic and fit in.

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Dress codes for Ascot Royal Meeting