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Celebrities Expecting Baby in 2020

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It's not hard to find celebrities expecting this year. But who is the most famous expectant mother? This list of pregnant celebrities will surely make the 2020 baby countdown more exciting. Check out the most exciting news about these celebrities! Let's dive in! This isn't a comprehensive list. It's easy to pick a celebrity that is expecting a baby to include in your own list.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chupra is now a mother! The actress posted her pregnancy news to Instagram. She has been seen in many photo shoots with her baby bump. She revealed her pregnancy to the world when she posed with her new beau in Los Angeles. Sophie and Joe were able to confirm their pregnancy shortly after Willa was born. The couple is close friends with Nick (Priyanka and Nick have a ten years age gap).

Scarlett Cooper

Cooper Hefner is rumored to be expecting twins. His wife Scarlett Byrne Hefner is also pregnant. The couple posted the news on Instagram on November 25. Betsy Rose, 15 months, is already their daughter. Cooper and his wife, Crystal, are already married. Crystal is a former actor and the daughter of Hugh Hefner.

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Nick Cannon

Rumours suggest Nick Cannon, who is also known as Nick Cannon has another child due in 2020. Since 2016, the singer has been married to Abby Johnson, his longtime girlfriend. The couple have five kids together, with the latest born in December. They have recently revealed they are expecting twins named Zion (Zillion) The singer also deleted all references to the pop singer from his Instagram account. He is also expecting four more children in 2021 and eight by 2022.

Sophie Turner

Many fans are wondering if Sophie Turner is pregnant with her second child. On social media, Turner revealed her expanding belly. She also called Joe "baby Daddy" and shared throwback pictures of her growing belly. They began dating in 2016 and were married twice. However, their second marriage ended in a divorce. Their relationship is currently suspended, but fans eagerly await the next chapter in their love story. Here are some clues about whether Sophie is pregnant.

Joe Jonas

If Sophie Turner is your favourite artist, Joe Jonas will likely be asking you if Sophie Turner will soon get married. This news isn't surprising. It was reported that the couple would be having a second baby in November 2020. According to Us Weekly, the couple are hoping to start a family soon, and are hoping to have their second child in 2020.

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Criss Angel

Are you wondering if Criss Angel and his wife are expecting a third child? While the couple had previously stated that they weren't trying to conceive earlier in the year, Shaunyl Benson announced that she is now pregnant with their third child. Their oldest son Johnny, who battled pediatric cancer, is already their child. Crissyl and Shaunyl spoke out about their experience in November.

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Celebrities Expecting Baby in 2020