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Country Music Legends You May Not Know

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The music of the country outlaws is legendary, and the list of performers is long and diverse. This list includes such artists as Merle Haggard, Cash, Jennings, Hank Jr., and Cash. These are some of the best country music artists you can find. They'll surely leave you wanting more. Here are some of the country music legends you may not know. Let's take you through their greatest hits.


Waylon Jennings, a legendary country music artist, started out as a Lubbock disc jockey. He later moved to Nashville where he joined RCA Records. He quickly became an outcast within the music industry, even though his music was more country than mainstream. Jole Blon, which was a Folk-Country recording, was released by him in 1965. It had modest commercial success, and Jennings was fired from his job as a DJ for playing two Little Richard records in a row. Jole Blon was his first studio record, and he was just about to be fired. In the following years, he began producing his own records and playing with his own band. In 1969, he married fellow singer Jessi Colter.


Cash for country criminals was a popular form of music in the 1970s. The gritty, low-production sound of this genre was a refreshing alternative to the smooth, production line music of the time. After Outlaw's 1977 release in cinemas, cash for country-outlaws became a very popular genre. The genre quickly became a thriving music industry. Cash for country outlaws was a platinum-selling album featuring songs by famous country artists.

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Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard, the country outlaw music scene, and their fans have been inseparable ever since. Haggard is not alone to embrace this new style. George Strait's country songs were a major influence on Mark Chesnutt, Clint Black, Clint Black, Randy Travis and George Strait. Haggard was a child when he wrote his first ballads. Later, Haggard claimed to have written more that 10,000 songs. Haggard composed lyrics on the bus windows and from flowers. One time, Haggard even wrote an entire song while walking down a street.

Hank Jr.

Randall Hank Williams, the son of country music legend Hank Williams, is a singer. His music has won him critical acclaim. He has performed and recorded songs from the 1960s to the present day. Hank Williams' son is now a solo artist who has several albums. The Oklahoma-born singer-songwriter was born in 1954. He has toured both the United States of America and Europe. His father's legacy has inspired him as a song writer.

Whitey Morgan

"Country outlaw" is a phrase that's become a cliche, but there's no better way to define Whitey Morgan. The singer-songwriter formed his band in 2005 in Flint, Michigan, and has toured relentlessly, averaging 125 concerts a year. According to Rolling Stone, Whitey Morgan is an acolyte of Waylon Jennings and a modern-day criminal, NPR Music reports.

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Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson was a popular country artist of the 1970s and was an ally to the rebellious folk. The country music scene accepted his long-haired image and he relaunched the career in Austin Texas. Here, rednecks and hippies mixed together to create the Armadillo World Headquarters. Nelson was also a onetime disc jockey and bass player for the Buddy Holly band, and he used the experience to craft his unique sound. Columbia initially opposed his Wild West album, which was sparse.

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Warner Bros., founded in 1923 and run by Jack Warner and Harry Warner, is the biggest movie studio. It is based in Burbank, California. It owns TNT and TBS television networks.

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Sixth, you might decide that the film wasn't worth making.

What's the difference between a manufacturer and a distributor?

The movie is created by a producer. The movie is distributed by a distributor. Distributors and theaters are two options for producers to sell their movies. Distributors can buy movies from producers. Then they sell them to theaters, cable channels, or streaming services.

Distributors must negotiate with theater owners where their movies will be shown. This means that some theaters might charge more money for a certain movie than others. If you want your movie to be seen by as many people as possible, you should choose a distributor with many theaters.

How many films does Hollywood make in a given year?

Hollywood studios produce about 3,000 films each year. That's right, three thousand!

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Most likely, the answer is around 200-300. The question is, what happens to all the other 2,700+ films? Most of them are either released direct-to-video or just sit in storage.

But not all of them are destined to go unseen. Some of them were selected for distribution via Netflix Prime, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus, iTunes or Google Play.

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There is not enough time to wait between the completion of a film and its theatrical release.

Are foreign sales worth more to Hollywood than domestic?

Yes, but it is only slightly. About 17% of total revenue was generated abroad in 2017. 83% of total revenue came from domestic sources.

In fact, overseas markets account for over half of the world's population.

This means many people who might never watch a movie at home will still want to see yours.

How many theaters am I required to make my investment return?

It depends on how much time you intend to keep your theatrical release running.

One theater is sufficient if you intend to screen your film for less time than two weeks.

If your film is going to be screened for more then two weeks, you will need two theaters.

How much do actors make?

Actor pay ranges from $1 million per movie to less than $100,000 for independent films. Most actors get between $10,000-$20,000 per film. However, many actors are not paid at all. It all depends on their success. Actors can make millions, while others have trouble finding work.


  • If we translate this to a percentage, we get 28%, so let's be generous and say that ‘Hollywood studios' release about ⅓ of the movies released in the U.S. and Canada each year. (glitteratilobotomy.com)
  • The author of the study noted that "The percentage of female speaking roles has not increased much since the 1940s when they hovered around 25 percent to 28 percent." (en.wikipedia.org)
  • At his encouragement, his sister Sarah Luke, brother-in-law Elisha Luke, with her mother, Azubah, took the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad from Ogden to Los Angeles in November 1885, according to Adrian Weekly Press, November 13, 1885. (en.wikipedia.org)
  • "[116]"38% of films employed 0 or 1 woman in the roles considered, 23% employed two women, 28% employed 3 to 5 women, and 10% employed 6 to 9 women. (en.wikipedia.org)
  • The percentage of black female characters went from 16 percent in 2017 to 21 percent in 2018. (en.wikipedia.org)

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How to get a Hollywood Walk of Fame star

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce founded the Hollywood Walk of Fame, HWOF (Hollywood Walk of Fame) in 1960. The HWOF is located in Los Angeles at 6233 Hollywood Boulevard. It is made up of 2,711 stars that are embedded in the Hollywood Boulevard sidewalk. Each star represents an individual who contributed to popular culture, such as television, radio or theater. The HWOF currently lists 1,922 people.

You must first submit your name and address to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to become a member of HWOF. The Hollywood Department of Cultural Affairs then submits your information to the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. Once you are approved, you will receive a certificate of eligibility that includes your name, date, residence, occupation, category, and other information. A bronze plaque with your personalization is also provided. This plaque is attached on a concrete base at the star.

You can apply for a star if a current member of the HWOF nominated you or if you made significant contributions to movies, television, radio, theatre, music, or something else considered part of "popular culture." A committee reviews the nominations and determines whether they should be approved. If they do, they send a letter to the applicant's home address explaining their decision. The person who accepts the nomination will receive a second confirmation letter. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce then charges $25 and forwards the money on to the City of Los Angles Department of Cultural Affairs.

The department issues a check payable the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which then sends the check directly to the Hollywood Walk of Fame Foundation. The foundation pays the artist or organization whose application was accepted. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce receives half of the fee ($12.50). The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs receives the remaining half.

After the artist has been awarded his/her star, they are eligible to join the HWOF. To be included in the HWOF, your balance must be paid to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The amount due depends upon how many years ago your first nomination was. For example, if you were first nominated in 1990, you would owe $15,000. You would be responsible for $10,000 if you had been nominated previously in 1980.

To remove yourself from HWOF, contact the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. They will help you pay the remaining debt. They will remove the name of your from the list.

What age is required to become a HWOF star?

When nominated, one must have at least 18-years-old. To receive a Star, one must still be living at the time. After receiving a star, one may still be nominated again after ten years.

What happens if I die before my star gets put up?

Family members may nominate you to be a star. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce can place a memorial marker next to the star, if there aren't any living relatives.

Why not use a new street, instead of staring at everyone?

The HWOF was not created to be a historical landmark. It is intended to honor all those who have made film history possible.

What happened to the stars that got stolen? The thieves stole approximately 1,200 stars. Each star is approximately 250-300 lbs in weight. That's about 4 tons of stars!


Country Music Legends You May Not Know